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Thank you for your interest in Around The Home Services interior remodeling services. Our specialty is in Basement Finishing and Rental Units; however, we also do general interior remodeling in any area of your home. Whether you want to liven up your living room, add a new room, or expand your kitchen or bathroom, we have you covered! No matter what kind of interior remodeling project you need, our experts at Around The Home services will give you highest level of treatment.

The interior remodeling services that we provide included the following:

Design and Planning

Room Additions

Interior Paint Jobs


Tile and Marble


Windows and Doors

and more

Whether you want a couple simple upgrades like replacing some old fixtures or completely remodeling several rooms in your home, we are here to help.


At Around The Home services, we will work with to you to plan out how to maximize the size, configuration and functionality of the space that you want to renovate. We will carefully think through what you like and dislike about the room or rooms you want to renovate, and get clear on why you want to renovate them. Some of the specific things we will consider during the design process are: size and configuration of your existing, space, electrical work or plumbing that may impact our renovation, aesthetic preferences etc. 

Around The Home services is your interior remodeling experts. From the initial design of your project to construction completion, superior customer service is our commitment. If you are ready to do some interior remodeling to your home call us today at 289-404-6157.

Contact us Today for a Consulatation

contact us so we can discuss your project and schedule a time to meet and take a look in person with you.

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