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Was brought in to originally finish the work that another contractor had started then walked away from the job because he under priced.  Upon inspection I had major concerns regarding the quality of the work and told the client that the entire work may have to be removed and redone. Once I removed the ceiling in laundry room because it was not level I discovered the electrical for the lights was not correct or safe. I found a junction box that was overloaded with wires and was covered over by the drywall. I then decided to remove the remaining drywall in the bedroom and discovered a whole lot more issues. 7 junction boxes were covered by drywall in the ceiling, the pot lights were installed without a protective barrier from the insulation, Insulation and vapor barrier was missing from one wall, insulation was installed over vapor barrier on another. A light fixture was installed directly onto the floor joist without a box so as a result the wires were touching the wood. A switch was installed broken in laundry room. In the hallway by the stairs a leaking pipe from the toilet above was dry walled over and left to leak and as a result mold had started to grow.  I removed all of the electrical wires and re-ran eliminating all of the junction boxes, the leaking pipe was fixed and the mold removed. I went one step further and did a custom built in book shelf in the bedroom and created a toy box as part of the water meter box. In the stairs area I created a closet, 2 cupboard spaces and a boot nook.  Picture set 1 shows all of the issues found. Picture set 2 is the new finished product.

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