Around The Home Services

  "Your Complete Home Service Company"

Skills and Experience

I have been providing a full spectrum of renovation services, including basements, bathrooms, decks, sheds, etc, for over 30 years. I have demolished many outdated basements and decks during my career and have extensive knowledge of areas in a home that were neglected and required more attention to detail. I am a very detail oriented person and take extra care in making sure that your renovations are going to meet your current and long-term needs.

Around The Home Services

The tag line “Your Complete Home Services Provider” accurately infers that I can complete any project that is required in and outside of your home.

Over the years I contemplated on expanding the company, but after unsuccessful attempts at bringing in other trades who were as dedicated to the projects as I was, I decided to work on my own. This way I could concentrate on quality not quantity.

I have always had a passion for working with my hands. I enjoy taking a blank canvas such as an unfinished basement and following the work through to completion. It gives me a great pleasure being able to bring your wishes to fruition.

I usually work on a set quote and I am more than happy to provide you with this method of estimate. If I can save you money and aggravation then I am happy to do so.

Give Derek at Around The Home Services a call today and let’s work together to complete your project in the most time and cost efficient manner we can.