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Learn to love your home again

Whatever your remodeling needs are, we are here to create living spaces that you will love for years to come. We look forward to being the general contractor you choose to partner with to transform your living space from what it is today, into something that feels luxurious, elegant and functional, and suits your aesthetic preferences and lifestyle.

What sets us apart from other general contractors is our commitment to providing superior customer service, our thorough planning and design process and our precise construction execution process.

At Around The Home Services, our first priority is customer satisfaction. We love what we do and want to make sure you enjoy the entire process starting from your initial appointment to the completion of your home renovation project.

As far as our planning and design process, what stands out about our services is that our design contractors take the time to get to know exactly what you want, your aesthetic preferences, your personal style and your lifestyle. This enables us to design a space that is uniquely yours; a space that doesn’t just look amazing but actually functions well in your everyday life. Furthermore, we offer free estimates and design consultation for any project in the comfort of your own home.

Construction is where the vision of your dream home and our expertise is manifested into physical reality. We are dedicated to always constructing a space that meets or exceeds everything you could have imagined.

We are general contractors who love what we do. Your home renovation projects are exciting for us and it is our intention that you enjoy the entire process and completely fall in love with your new living space once it’s completed.

Contact us at 289-404-6157 and start the process of creating your dream home today.

What our customers are saying

Last year we hired Derek Cummings of, Around The Home Services. We had a variety of work done from renovating part of our basement to building new steps outside the front of the house. We were impressed by the quality of work, from drywall. to paint, to new flooring. Everything was finished on time and beyond our satisfaction.

We noticed on the website that the motto of the company was "Your Complete Home Service Company" and that is completely true, whatever we needed doing was done from the smallest item, to the largest.

We would not hesitate recommending "Around the Home Services" to any one. We were pleased with the work, the price, the minimum intrusion, and the punctuality that was shown, and intend to give them additional work in the future as the need arises.

Mike H.. - Oshawa, ON

Are you utilizing your basement space to its fullest potential? At Around The Home Services, we know that a professionally finished basement can provide a comfortable and beautiful space for your family to spend time, and greatly increase the value of your home. Our professional design and construction team can help you to transform your basement space into something special.
Converting your basement into a rental unit is an excellent way to create income from living space you don’t need. Most municipalities have regulations about whether renting space in your home is legal, and if it is, have specific criteria your space must meet in order to make it a legal dwelling. For best results when creating a rental unit, work with a reputable contractor like Around The Home Services to make sure that every aspect of the conversion complies with the law while making the best use of your space
We also do general interior remodeling in any area of your home. Whether you want to liven up your living room, add a new room, or expand your kitchen or bathroom, we have you covered! No matter what kind of interior remodeling project you need, our experts at Around The Home services will give you highest level of treatment.

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contact us so we can discuss your project and schedule a time to meet and take a look in person with you.

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